Willis plants his flag deep in the Americana topsoil that is a modern day troubador’s playground.” - French Davis

Yellow Scene Magazine

“Dirtflowers” is another album in a long line from Til Willis including a handful from this outfit(Erratic Cowboy) but this album feels very careful and attentive. The music and songs are better for it and it seems clear that this is Til Willis and company’s best work yet.”

Vocals On Top

Like a blast of pure Springsteen by way of the Gun Club.” - Nick Spacek

Modern Vinyl

“Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy describe their sound as “future-rustic indie-rock,” which sounds about right. ‘Cars Etcetera’ has an ’80s post-punk vibe guaranteed to get you out of your chair and bouncing around the room.”” - James Stafford


These songs are genuine and sincere, something that might turn away cynics and lovers of irony.” - Chance Dibben

— Freelance Music Review

“Til Willis is the kind of secret treasure for songwriters. The kind that one day you’ll be listening to the radio and hear a song that sounds both vaguely familiar and terribly new and you’ll ask, “Who is that?”. And they’ll say some forgettable name but then end the sentence with a smile they’ll add, “but it was written by Til Willis.””” - Robb McCormick

— Fan Review