Grinding of The Stars

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Morning Day

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Live at kvph

Recorded live at Kaw Valley Public House in Lawrence, KS

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Confidential Ballroom

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A five song EP of rough yet hopeful songs.

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Dirtflowers, by Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy is the bands fourth album, and Willis' thirteenth overall. It contains eleven songs that hold an orange autumnal glow at the core of lyric driven indie rock the band is known for.

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Sons of Decent Children b/w Beyond The Heather

Sons of Decent Children is the second single from the upcoming album, Dirtflowers.

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American Questions

American Questions is the first single from the upcoming album, Dirtflowers. It's backed by the B-side, Action Figure Stance.

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In The Body b/w Built of Man (single)

Two reimagined Erratic Cowboy classics available as a digital download or on a special limited edition 7" lathe cut record (only twenty available).

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Interrupting Aim

"The one rule for this album was that, as soon as a song started sounding too much like one genre, we'd deliberately switch gears. Much of this album started life as percussion jams, and then I'd build songs on top of those. This was a way to liberate me from old forms and habits. In the end, I feel like this album is a world unto itself." -Til Willis


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Small Car (single)