Til Willis

Rumors of A City - Album

Take U2, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Seger, roll them into one, and you’ve got Til Willis. As an advocate of indie artists who write and play their own music, I was only too willing to write up a review on Til’s newest album, ‘Rumors Of A City’. From beginning to end, this album has my foot tapping and each song leaves me anticipating the next. This studio album not only plays well on the digital medium, it brings you the kind of music that also plays well on the live stage.

Taking five years to complete and recorded in six different cities (Memphis, Santa Cruz, Cotati, Denver, Ouray, Sebastapol), it is clear that Til Willis put his entire soul into the craftsmanship of every track and every instrumental aspect. As one who isn’t necessarily easy to please when being introduced to new music and is a huge fan of American blue-collar blues and rock, this album failed to disappoint me, in any way.

Promises and Poison, the opening track, sets the tone for the album.  This track is a mix of acoustic and electric guitar work throughout and vocals that always hit the mark. Following the opening track are eleven more tracks, all similar, but all having their own personality. Featuring a cohesive rhythm section and exceptional horns by Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns, there is absolutely nothing boring about this album, right down to the epic track, The Ways, which is over seven minutes long.

Below is a track listing and link to purchase the album.  You can preview each song on CD Baby, to see for yourself that this album is worth every penny.

Til Willis – Rumors of a City – Track Listing

- Promises and Poison 4.48

- Dirty Little Spectacle 4.15

- April 25th 5.09

- Studyin’ The Rain 4.06

- Victimless Crimes 4.57

- Sensation 4.26

- Seven Ladies 3.48

- Till Last Night 3.40

- Dust 4.08

- Flashes Of Light 4.02

- This Side Of The Truth 4.12

- The Ways 7.30