Til Willis

Cindershine - album

After a year of recovering from a car accident that had left Til unable to walk for two and half months, he needed to work., and had been writing since he came home from the hospital. Not to mention, having several songs left over from the previous year. The idea of an acoustic album started to formulate. And, where better to begin musical rejuvenation than the town and studio that started it all, Sun Studio, Memphis, TN. The studio that gave the world the Rock ‘n’ Roll that change everything. 
Standing in the same building where Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis became legends, Cindershine was born. Eight songs recorded in two hours, one take apiece, just like the old days. However, before the album would come to fruition it would have to undergo an augmentation. 
John Magnie, Tim Cook, Steve Amedee (of the Subdudes) had been working with Til on a handful of songs for close to three years. Two of which, John and Til wrote together. Shortly after returning from Memphis, They finally got the opportunity to finish them in a way that made them a perfect addition to Cindershine. 
All that was left was to get a great mix job. “I had planned to use Grammy nominated engineer Butch Hause, as he had been recommended by John Magnie, for my fourth album, Crimson Wind,” says Til, “ but that didn’t work out. So I decided to give him a callfor this project.” Now the difference between a good album and a great album is the mix/mastering, and Til found that for Cindershine in Mr. Hause. He was able to capture the earthiness, and spontaneity that was envisioned, without losing any dynamic or funk. Ultimately producing an album with echoes of The Basement Tapes, and Nebraska