Til Willis

Cars Etcetera

A very American album that’s digesting itself, its thoughts, its sentiment as fast and hopeful as it is warily spitting it out. The ground is uneven, and there is no steady peace socially or emotionally with the characters that populate the songs. It seems that the image of the Erratic Cowboy drifting through modern times that was started on the album Rumors of A City, has not only become a source for a band’s identification, but a mirror to reflect a country. 

That said, this is not so much an outward facing album, as it is an inward one. Seems like there are a lot of moments where the characters are trying in some small way to define home, both as a worldly place, and as a personal place. There’s also a heavy seasonal element with winter, New Year’s Eve, springtime birthdays, and summer romances all making a appearance. After all, most of us live our lives on a rigid schedule of hastily disappearing years mapped out in seasons, and that’s where this album is coming from. It also has the feeling of a postcard.